There’s a character not mentioned as much when people review books. Even in my own reviews rarely do I give this character the accolades it deserves and that character’s name is Setting. Often, if the writer is doing their job, the setting will blur seamlessly into the story and at no time will I wonder where the characters are or how they got there.  In some cases, if it’s not present enough I’ll be thrown out of the story. In others, it will make me doubt the validity or reality of the story. Why is it important? The setting makes the difference in a great sceneRead More →

The Bittersweet Bride by Vanessa Riley Rating: 4 stars Kudos: Diverse cast, a true villain, and a delicious, sweet romance Review: This is my first Vanessa Riley book and it won’t be my last. I’ve always loved historical romance novels, but Riley brought something new to the table. A story about a flower girl who fell in love with the second son of a lord. Theodosia Cecil is our flower seller. No longer, a woman selling bouquets for pence, but the widow of a man who left her flower gardens to tend. Except Theo has a problem, she needs to wed. Not only to protectRead More →

Thanks to the power of Netflix, I find myself catching up with shows I never had the chance to watch in the past. The latest one, courtesy of my hubby, is Limitless. Let me preface by saying I’ve never seen the movie with Bradley Cooper, though hubs and I have added it to our list since starting the tv show.  I’ll mention we have a healthy love for all things sci-fi, speculative fiction related so no surprise this show caught our interest in the least. Positives: effortless humor, lots of ties to 80s shows and movies, an appreciation for comedic effect, plenty of interesting casesRead More →