My Favs

My Favs

My Fav Authors (the list is extensive, but here’s the top fifteen)

Sherry Thomas ~ Meljean Brook ~ Carolyn Jewel ~ Elise Rome ~ Sarah Mayberry ~ Beverley Kendall ~ Tiffany Reisz ~ Roni Loren ~  Jenn LeBlanc ~ Megan Mulry  ~ Sarah Morgan ~ Penny Reid ~ Alyssa Cole ~ Cat Sebastian ~

My Fav Blogs

Terrible Minds ~ Kindles and Wine ~ Lori Sizemore ~

My Fav Writing Resources

Jennifer Crusie ~ Candace Havens ~ One Stop For Writers ~ Writer’s Guide to Psychology ~


  1. Hi! I’ve started a WordPress page and was hoping you can share some info on how it works and when I do upgrade which would work best for my needs.

    1. Author

      Happy to help if I can.

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