Spotlight: Bona Fide Beauty – five years in the making

Spotlight: Bona Fide Beauty – five years in the making

Bona Fide Beauty releases today!

This book… let’s just say that every book is a new adventure, but this one literally went the gauntlet. I’ve been trying to plot, write, edit, and publish this book for over 5 years. From this book spawned ideas for a series, and from there my first collection of short, erotic romances, Desperately Seeking Submissive.

Bona Fide Beauty originally was supposed to be a lot different, but over time I realized it needed to be so much more. The characters lacked good goals, motivations, and the book itself needed a better antagonist. Twice I got about forty thousand words into this story and then lost the thread. Each time my crit partner told me I had something wrong with the GMC. She was right of course, and back to the drawing board I went.

Finally, I broke through the wall and rewrote the first half and finally finished the second half in 2016. I proceed to shop the book to agents, to publishers. There were multiple bites, but finalizing the deal never came. I mean, I was so close it was nuts. Then in 2017 After Glows Publishing had an open pitch. I decided to go ahead and throw the story out there. At this point, it was gathering dust on my computer hard drive. Thankfully, they liked it and agreed to give me a contract.

Journey’s are part of the process from the humble beginnings to rising from the depths. Every part is a chance to learn, to grow, and to really contemplate the changes one can make for the future.  Funny story: This is my 10th book, but the first romance I ever planned to write.

I hope you all enjoy this story and that you enter my awesome Rafflecopter

Bona Fide Beauty 

Bona Fide Series Book 1

She’s going to lose her house. 

Kathleen Baum has four months to complete the city’s required code changes to her grandma’s home. Otherwise, she loses it. Strapped for cash, Kat’s only way to get the funds is to bargain with her devil cousin. She agrees to an unwanted makeover, but she’s not good at taking direction, pretend or not.

He’s going to lose his business.

Devid Esposito has worked all his life to build a successful image consulting company, but if he doesn’t start bringing in new clients the business will be bankrupt in three months. The board is ready to oust him when his partner, Kat’s cousin, enters with the opportunity to get his mojo back; all he needs to do is help Kat, with a makeover. Unfortunately, Dev doesn’t take on female clients anymore since the last one broke his heart and used his tips against him.

When they find out they have a common enemy, his heart-breaking client is her code-breaking-whistleblower, and the easiest way to bring the foe down is to accept the other’s help. Losing their hearts to each other was the one thing they didn’t plan for.

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