A public service announcement from Catherine Peace Ever read a book and wonder how the author created such an incredible, engrossing world? Do you want to BE that author? Writing is a lot more than just Characters + Dialogue + Action = End. For genre writers especially, worldbuilding is a critical skill that will help you create a world that jumps off the page and into your reader’s mind. How do you get there? Where do you start? Worldbuilding is one of the most intimidating aspects of the writing process, but it doesn’t have to be. In Why Worldbuilding (is the Secret Ingredient): The CompleteRead More →

1. A Rose by Any Other Name – my upcoming release will be available on October 13th. Just in time for Halloween. This story is a fairy tale re-telling of Sleep Beauty, but with Zombies. No joke, I wrote a book and there’s fleshing eating creatures involved. If Dean Winchester were here he’d be excited. You can pre-order at Amazon and several other e-book retailers. Check out my books page for more links. NOTE: This is a romance and will involve an HEA. Too much too handle, right? A HEA and zombies. Don’t contain your glee. Buy this bad boy or wait for the audioRead More →

  2015 has yielded some really Rockin’ Reads for me. Now, I like all genres so I can get behind romance books in the erotic, contemporary, historical, sci-fi, and paranormal. I love me some delicious books.  That being said, I’ve got a pick for each category. I won’t keep you long either and I’ll give you Erotic: Evening Storm by Anne Calhoun Why? Erotic doesn’t mean you have to be naked. Contemporary: The One in My Heart by Sherry Thomas Why? The nerdy girl gets the guy. Historical: The Legend of Lyon Redmond by Julie Ann Long Why? I’ve been waiting a long time, andRead More →