Thursday Reads

Thursday Reads: Loving You Easy by Roni Loren


HAWT Jeezus on a pogo stick! I love Roni Loren and her Loving On The Edge series. Have for a really long time. This latest release is no exception. I would also list this as one of my favorite reads of 2016 (list post forthcoming) It’s got everything I’ve come to love from Roni, including […]

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Thursday Reads: Finding Honor by Ripley Proserpina


Note – This post was supposed to go live last Thursday. Ha, surprise! I scheduled it for the wrong day. So, it’s going live now. The wonders of technology in the hands of an author. This is my first read by Ripley Proserpina and the first in a new series published by After Glows Publishing. […]

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Thursday Reads: The Spare and The Heir by Jenn LeBlanc


I received the pleasure of reading this book months ago, prior to release, and I can’t tell readers how this book is important. If you’re wanting diversity of gender, orientation, race – then The Spare and The Heir is where you can’t go wrong. CAUTION: Readers there is another book you have to read before […]

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Thursday Reads: The Trouble with Grace by Jenn Leblanc


This book and what it offers are more dear then a meal or growly stomach and I couldn’t put it down. I’ll say that a lot with Thursday Reads features because they are going to be books I like. I won’t lie at all about it. Most books I like I devour quickly. Leblanc, I’ve […]

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Thursday Reads: Encore by Megan Mulry


Hope and longing… those two themes, along with survival, resound throughout this lovely tale. Once I started, IĀ couldn’t stop. In fact, this author’s books tend to keep me up far too late into the night. As this one did, I needed to know what would happen after reading the first page. Ellie is a woman […]

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Thursday Reads: Do It List by Jillian Stone


This one *fans self* it did some things to me, and awoke some other things. Heads up: I read like a writer. I’m always looking at what worked for me, what didn’t, AND I like to talk about all the things that worked. Genre: Contemporary Erotica Hero: Mr. Bradley Craig, is alpha, dominant, possessive, and […]

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