Funday Monday: Kindle giveaway and more…

The first Funday Monday post on my new blog. That, in and of itself, is pretty exciting. Happy Memorial Day to Fundaythose who’ve served the United States and in any capacity fighting for freedom. I’m not able to do all the honoring I want to do to the rainy weather we’re having in the south, but wanted to post a little about the day itself.

1. Up first is a website dedicated to the history and information about Memorial Day. Here in the United States we celebrate to honor our fallen that have died defending our country. In my family this also encompasses other dear ones we’ve lost over the years as well. Flowers are distributed to grave sites, memories are shared, and thanks are given.

2. Speaking of giving I want to highlight the Monkey Do Project. This is an initiative spear-headed by the wonderful, and talented blogger/writer/activist/superwoman Jacqueline Wilson. This foundation is all about helping folks in the Appalachian Region. All donations go toward feeding the hungry, providing shoes and back packs to school children, and so much more. I don’t talk enough about this charity, nor the good work they provide. But my mind is heavy on this group as I’ll be heading toward the Appalachian Region in June.

3. Next up, #FallInLove with Fairytales Blog Tour is in full swing. There’s a Facebook Event, Prizes and Info Page, a Rafflecopter, and if you like Fairytales, especially retellings, you can join the Beyond Fairytales Reader and Authors Group to get the latest info on sales, upcoming releases, cover reveals, and teasers. There is also a special sale happening right now for 4 different books (Blue, Red, Green and Gold). Each is only $0.99 and features 5 fairytales from Decadent Publishing Beyond Fairytales line.

4. Another twist on Fairytales, my dear friend, Catherine Peace, found this article on the Guardian. It speaks of 500 new fairytales ripe for the reading and for the creative minds to expand upon.

5. Finally, I love…. absolutely love cooking. I enjoy experimenting with new recipes, though I try to stick to healthy stuff. Over the last year I’ve become pinterest recipe addicted and have several boards. One of my favorite is Recipes to Try. Check it out and feel free to let me know if you tried anything delicious lately. Tell me the name or suggest the pin. I’m always on the lookout for the next tasty treat.

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