Houston… We’re a Go!

LiveThis is it! My new site and new blog our live. I’m super excited to finally reveal what I’ve been working on for a bit. It took a little more time then planned for me to get everything up and running. Since I’ve been radio silent on the old blog, let me share my plans and a little bit of what I’ve been working on.

What can you expect from the blog:

– MOAR, Interviews with Victoria. She’s as fiesty as ever.

– Funday Monday posts, at least 1 a month.

– Thursday Reads, at least 1 a month.

– And plenty of guest visits from author friends who I’d love to share covers, giveaways, and more with.

What you can expect from me:

More books! The great news is that I just received a contract for my fairy-tale re-telling of Sleeping Beauty, I’ll be doing a post about that soon. Also, my alternate history romance, Raven Pirate Assassin Spy will be coming sometime in 2015 as well. No official date yet, but when I know it will be posted here. I’ve got a few other pans in the fire, so there’s plenty more coming down the pipeline.

Tweets: @landragraf has a new site and you’ve got free admission to check it out. http://bit.ly/1K8U8x3


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