Interview with Victoria: Uri and Shadi from Gemini by Catherine Peace

Victoria: Howdy friend! I’ve got new digs and I hope you like them. I’m still getting used to the surroundings. As a interviewwvic-300welcome gift, Landra rounded up a couple of suckers… um, I mean guests. And I came up with some new questions just for the occasion. Before we get started please give a warm welcome (or spanking) to Uri and Shadi.

Note – My guests are not from around here so I thought I’d ask appropriate questions. Appropriate for me. *winks*

First up, what kind of kinky stuff can you do in spaceships?

Shadi: *Narrows her eyes* Uri? What does…”kinky”…mean?

Uri: *Looks ready to spontaneously combust and glares at Victoria* That is something we haven’t gotten to yet, and I’m not sure you’d be willing to try….

Shadi: But what does it mean?

Uri: …Less conventional ways to have sex. *pulls a flask out of his jacket pocket*

Shadi:*eyes brighten* OH. So what COULD we do on the ship?

Uri: *throws back a swallow from the flask* Not much considering the rest of our crew. But perhaps one day we could try the zero gravity option. And there are always options for the captain’s chair….

Shadi: I like the way you think.

Victoria: I like the way you think too, Uri. You know my fiance and I enjoy watching, too. Speaking of relationships, do you find a lot of alien species who believe in monogamy where you’re from?

Uri: Ath’eri’s species, the Vodni’du, are extremely monogamous. Marriage is rare among them because they don’t need to make a commitment in front of others or a god. It seems wired into their very DNA. And if their mate dies, they never choose another.

Shadi: Sounds sad.

Uri: *squeezes her hand* It’s understandable, though. Once you have that one great love of your life, nothing else compares. [Cue the author throwing up in her mouth a little]

Victoria: Oh, Uri. You’re such a romantic. I never would’ve thought. You’re definitely easy on the eyes, but visually rough around the edges. I’m afraid I like my romance with a little bite. So, let’s get dirty. Tell me the name of something alien that could be mistaken for a sex toy?

Shadi: Nysa has this weapon that has an electrical tip.

Uri: *stares at Shadi* What?

Shadi: Yes. It has an electrical tip. She let me tinker with it to see how it works and I accidentally zapped myself. It felt…kind of good. *Shadi shrugs* And then Leida asked to borrow it….I don’t know if she ever gave it back.

Uri: That explains quite a bit. *takes another swig from his flask*

Victoria: Sounds like you have quite a few kinky folks running around on your ship. Kink always livens things up in my opinion, as well as difference sexual positions. Do you have a perference between missionary or doggie-style? Oh, to explain missionary is girl on her back and guy on top or doggie-style is like mating dogs… you’ve probably seen something similar with other animals.

Shadi: Have we done that before?

Uri: *third swallow from flask* No, we haven’t.

Shadi: On Goliv there were these animals—Shilah and I called them rock-eaters because that seemed to be all they ate. One night, when I couldn’t sleep, I snuck out of camp and headed toward the pond where I used to bathe. There were a couple of rock-eaters rolling around in the gloop and I thought they were trying to kill each other. But they weren’t. At all. When they finally stopped wrestling, the dominant one pinned the other down by its neck and they…well…

Uri: Oh, I remember those things. They caterwaul, too. They woke me up frequently when they were mating.

Shadi: *grumbles* Sounds like Leida with Nysa’s weapon.

Uri: I think you’ve just described kinky.

Victoria: *laughs* We’ll get you on the kinky path yet, Shadi. Final question and then I’ll let you two be on your way, give me your best impression of a motor boat and do you think this is a turn off or a turn on?

Shadi: I don’t know….

Uri: *has had more alcohol than was necessary* This is what motor boating is, love. *proceeds to stick his head in Shadi’s chest to demonstrate.*

Shadi: *giggles* Can we do this in the captain’s chair, too?

Uri: Anything you want, love. Anything at all.

Victoria: I think my job is done here. For more about the book, read below. If you want to subject your characters to one of my interviews, email the woman who unleashed me on the world.

Gemini: Disillusioned by Catherine Peace

BlurbBeing one of the Embassy’s glorified treasure-seekers has its perks…
Komandan Uriah Jacobs recovers ancient artifacts in exchange for more than just decent pay; he also receives guaranteed protection from his former owners, the nyx…until an emergency landing on a too-familiar colony brings him face-to-face with his past life and something more—a surprisingly priceless treasure in the form of a human woman.

A slave to the nyx since childhood…
Shadi spends her waking hours in the forge, dreaming of rescuing her brother with the help of a man she once worshipped like a father. A crashed ship on the colony becomes her only hope to escape. But before she can steal the ship, the pilot abducts her. They may be the same species, but will he help her find her Shilah?

Their attraction is undeniable…
Fighting it seems inconsequential as they evade the nyx’s bounty hunter and uncover a conspiracy that shines unwanted light on Shadi’s past and reveals the corruption in Uri’s beloved Embassy, placing their fledgling love in danger.

As the universe systematically falls apart, will Shadi and Uri’s newfound passion be enough to keep them alive?

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  1. omg I love these interviews. Poor Uri…. I have the feeling Shadi and Victoria would be good friends.

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