Interviews with Victoria: Capture Memories with Liv Morozov

Victoria: Hello, readers! It’s been a while since the author running this blog released me. So let’s celebrate with a new interview. Today, I’ve got Liv Morozov from Katherine McIntyre’s Captured Memories, which is book three in the Cupid’s Cafe series from After Glows Publishing. Without further pandering, let’s get the tough question out of the way first. Where is the craziest place you had sex? If no to the sex, because you’re saving yourself, tell me you at least went streaking through a busy street.

Liv: Is saving yourself even a thing nowadays? I’ve had sex in all sorts of locations, but out of everyone I’ve been with, Zane’s the most adventurous. Since I’m a photographer, I have the opportunity to go to some pretty obscure spots in Louisville, so not only have we desecrated several historical houses, but we make it a habit in the summer weather to not get caught in action at Cherokee park after hours.

Victoria: Ooh, a little big on risky frisky. I can appreciate that. Some say romance is for chumps, but I say it’s the best way to get the drawers to drop. Have you ever been in love?

Liv: I’ve been in lust plenty, but love very few times. This is one of those times I hope and pray it sticks. The moment Zane came crashing into my life when I was a teenager, I knew there wouldn’t be anyone else for me. Took ten years for us to find each other again, but now that we’re together, it’s the real deal. We’re in this bumpy plane ride together for good.

Victoria: Aww, you’re making me all mushy. I’ll agree love is a splendid thing with the right partner in crime. Speaking of, it’s clicky or sticky time. Handcuffs or whip cream?

Liv: Handcuffs are a hard no for me. I’ve got some past damage, and that sends me careening straight into it. Besides, with my insane sweet tooth, whipped cream is always going to be first on my list.

Victoria: I can respect the handcuffs as a hard limit. But what about rimming? Is it a faux pas or something you think everyone should experience?

Liv: I don’t think it’s a faux pas–everyone’s got to enjoy themselves in their own consensual way, but at the same point, it’s not my sorta thing. If Zane really wanted me to? I’d tell him to go fuck himself, and we’d find something else that worked for him. Honestly, sex is all about honesty and knowing your comfort zones, even if some of them have to be reached through experience. Everyone is so drastically different, so what turns one guy on might be a total turn off for another. I’m not worried about Zane and I though–we get hot and heavy plenty.

Victoria: You’re a feminist after my own barb-wired heart. Finally, tell my readers how your story is exactly what they need to get the New Year kicked off right.

Liv: My story with Zane is a shout out for anyone who’s ever believed themselves too damaged to be loved. We’re both weighed down with so much baggage that we never should’ve worked, but when I met up with him again at Cupid’s Cafe, after ten years of collecting scars, somehow it did. Somehow we managed to embrace each other’s damage, and we keep fighting for the future we want, stronger together.

Victoria: Sounds like a true love story to me. Thank you for stopping by Liv and best wishes to you and Zane. For those readers anxious to find out more, check out the links below.

Where to buy a copy of Captured Memories:  Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble ~ iTunes ~ Google Books ~ Goodreads

Book Blurb: 

An invitation to Cupid’s Café will change your life.

After the incident that caused Liv Morozov to drop out of college, years later she’s still trying to pick up the pieces of her life. She’s managed to carve out a career for herself as a photographer, but when it comes to guys? Her issues send them running for the hills, every damn time.

Zane Parata has declared himself off-limits for relationships. Between trying to maintain sobriety and the long hours he works as a chef, no one wants to deal with his brand of damage, and he wouldn’t want to burden them in the first place.

When Liv shows up at Cupid’s Café, she never expected to find Zane, her brother’s former best friend who had vanished one day and never returned. The sparks that surged when they were both teens rekindle stronger than ever, and all too fast, Liv and Zane entangle in each other’s lives, breaking their own rules. Except with both struggling with the demons from their past, the love that’s begun to grow is one lapse away from shattering the two of them beyond repair.

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