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Victoria: Hello readers, welcome to February the month of love and spending almost what you did at Christmas for a special someone(s), as the commercials would have you believe. I feel Valentine’s day is more about spreading love, doing the nice things your certain someone appreciates – cooking a meal, spanking them… I digress, today I’ve got someone absolutely delicious on my couch. Jace Russell from Lori Sizemore’s first release in the Viva Las Vegas series, My Big Fake Vegas Boyfriend. Actions speak louder than words, Mr. Russell. So, tell me one interesting fact about your sexual preferences.

Jace: No other woman ever prepared me for how intense making love is with Layla. I’ve been with lots of women—she rolls her eyes when I say that, because it sounds like bluster. It’s just a fact. But none of them ever drove me the way my need for Layla does.

I suppose the interesting fact is that I’ve finally realized how much emotion—love—increases the pleasure. It’s a novel concept for me, but I never want to try it any other way. Or with any other woman.

Victoria: Sounds like you became a romantic. Speaking of romance, roses, chocolates, or teddy’s? This is the month of love, tell us the most important thing that should be on your Valentine’s list.

Jace: Layla doesn’t like roses because they die and thinks chocolate is cliché. In my time (1958), I’m not sure teddy’s are a thing. But, we’ve got our own fashions for sexy lingerie. Garters, waist-cinchers, and high waisted panties are all popular among the ladies of my time.

Victoria: There was something special about dressing for the mood in 1958. I’ve done a little roleplay in my time *winks*.  On top of the fashions, you have interesting terminology. Lady’s Lollipop or an exploration of Beavertown? Yes, I like euphemisms… they’re fun.

Jace:  I like to make sure my lover is aroused and ready, and in my younger days we called that “going to the carnival.” I like that, personally. It fully conveys all the fun that’s to be had from exploring and satisfying your woman.

Victoria: You’re definitely a guy that could get a gal’s attention and I imagine going to the carnival earned a nice reputation for you. What is the one thing that your lover did to win you over?

Jace: She gave me the one thing she swore she’d never give to anyone except her future husband—her body. In a different time, with a different woman, that wouldn’t mean as much. But to Layla, it meant everything and so it did to me, too.

Victoria: *wipes a tear from her eye* I’ll admit Jace, you’re slaying me with your love for Layla. I only wish she was here so I could meet the woman who tamed your heart. Tell these readers why your story is what they need to read during the month of love?

Jace: Because from the moment Layla and I met—because she came to my hotel and took photos that could ruin another man’s life and I was on a mission to get back the negatives—we were, as she said, “inevitable.” Love exploded between us, shaking up both our worlds until nothing looked the same anymore. It’s a love story for the ages.

Victoria: I may have to tell my Royce I’ll be up late reading this story tonight. Thank you for stopping by Jace. For those who want to know more, keep reading.

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Book Blurb

1958 Las Vegas. She can ruin his career. He can save her freedom. What’s a little blackmail between strangers?

Layla Rosas has been burned too many times—by her cheating ex, her narcissist mother, and now her father who’ll put her in an asylum, for good this time, if she can’t settle down and be a good girl. She needs a quality boyfriend—now—to convince her dad she’s back on the straight and narrow.

Jace Russell is good at his job: keeping the wealthy elite who visit his casino safe and happy. When a photographer snaps career-ending shots of a client, it’s Jace’s duty to do whatever it takes to stop those photos from hitting the press.

Layla didn’t intend to take compromising shots, but that doesn’t mean she won’t use them. When Jace realizes a few fake dates are all she wants in exchange for the negatives, he’s all in—with the added agenda of getting the crazy but beautiful woman between his sheets. But Layla refuses to gamble her heart on the toe-curling kisses of a fake boyfriend. It’s just a few dates. How hard can it be?

Author Bio: Lori Sizemore writes sexy and snarky romantic comedy. She adores all things story and geeks out about craft books, classes, and blog posts daily. When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with her family, playing video games, or crocheting. Sometimes all three at once, as she’s a master multi-tasker. She loves to read a good book, in any genre, but her favorite is romance. Find her online blogging or on social media through her website,

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