It’s a Wrap – Goodbye 2017

2017 and I have had a hate/hate relationship.  The year started off on the wrong foot, and I think more than one person felt the air was rife with discontent.

From political turmoil in our lovely United States, to the neverending litany of bad news, I found myself struggling. Then came all the personal challenges. I won’t bore anyone with the sob story, but let’s just say I found myself challenged like nothing else.

As the days dwindle toward the end of 2017, I won’t be the first in saying I can’t wait to kiss this year goodbye.


Now that I’ve got the bad things off my chest, let’s talk good things. This year I accomplished the following:

  • Published 2 books – and by published I mean, that both books are available to the public. One being the 2nd book in the Cupid’s Cafe series, Painting For Keeps, and the other is my 2nd book in the Raven series, The Raven Who Caught the Canary
  • Received interest from 3 publishers on my Sci-Fi Romance. Unfortunately, none of those have panned out, but there’s interested from a 4th publisher.
  • Successfully re-wrote a book and made it better.
  • Plotted 2 story’s that I will write in 2018.
  • Developed a business plan
  • Read 50 books

I’ve got some even bigger goals for 2018, which I’ll post about later. In the meantime, I’m going to bask in my success a bit. It’s not huge, but it’s progress. If you’re learning, you’re making progress. Growth can come in many forms and in my short time on this Earth I’ve come to appreciate the little things.

So tell, me… what have you accomplished in 2017? Cooking a new recipe? Exploring a cave? Finding new authors? I’d love to know.


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