Snarkology Halloween Blog Hop: Zombies… #saywhat

For the next week, I’m participating int he Snarkology Halloween Blog Hop. Click the banner to the right to check halloweenhop800out all the other blogs hosting posts, enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance at some super, huge prizes, and individual blogs will have giveaways for books and goodies.

This post for the hop is all about zombies and my first paranormal romance, A Rose By Any Other Name.

For short, I call the book Rose and it’s a re-telling of the classic Sleeping Beauty, but with zombies. I could give away all the goodies, but I’ll let the blurb do that for me.



Rose SmallBlurb: Zombies don’t belong in fairy tales….at least not those with a good chance of a happily ever after…

Jason Prince, Charming’s once-upon-a-time star jock, only attends his Charming high school reunion to find his way into the heart of a certain wallflower who had no date for the prom.

Shy, geeky, chemical engineer, Emma Fay has been keeping her love for Jason a secret because she knows Jason and Rose belong together. But, when Rose Briar pricks her finger, fulfilling a prophecy about death and a plague, she throws a wrench into the class reunion that not even the best planning committee can tackle.

Can Jason and Emma stop Zombie Beauty Rose before she turns their loved ones into her undead court and sends them forth to spread the infestation to the rest of the world? Or will human flesh become the daily special at diners everywhere? And will there be enough left of Jason and Emma for romance to blossom?

Why zombies? Why, not? This story originated from a publisher’s submission call for fairy-tale retellings with zombies. I’m deathly afraid of zombies. You read that right. I don’t watch The Walking Dead or any zombie movie and my family knows better than to pretend to want to eat brains. This book became a way for me to conquer my fears, though I didn’t banish them at all. In fact, I reaffirmed them.

What kind of formats is the book in? This story is available in ebook at all major ebook retailers, audiobook (via iTunes and Audible), and in print.

What’s it sound like? Give this sound bite a listen.


For the duration of the blog hop you can comment here for a chance to win a copy of A Rose By Any Other Name in the format of your choice.

Just tell me what your favorite zombie movie/book/show is, and, if you hate zombies like me, what was the moment you realized you hated them?
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