Spring to Me Is… #ListifyLife

Spring to me is…

1) Family – any time of year is time for my family, but Spring means we get to go outside again. No more holing up indoors, we can take to the yard for frisbee and catch.

2) Grilling – Spring is all about firing up the grill. The smell of charcoal cooked burger, chicken, steaks, and foil meals.

3) Easter – Spring to me is a Easter and celebrating our Lord. Pair that with a silly string fight and some confetti eggs (a winning combo).

4) Baseball – I’m a Royals fan and my son plays so it’s definitely baseball season when spring hits.

5) Refresh and Renew- Spring is about life re-emerging and it’s a time everything is new again. I like to take a little time to clean up the house, the garage, and discard things from last year I no longer need.

What is spring to you?

A commenter will win a copy of my book that releases this Friday, What You Want.

Happy Spring!

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