Techie Tuesday: Grammarly

Writing is hard. Editing is tough.editing

I typically enjoy the hard vs. the tough. So, to battle the tough, I am putting on my new hard hat…. Grammarly.

Now I may be late to the party, but this technology is a writer’s best friend. Especially those of us who are not great grammar hounds and we want to get better. If you fall into the want-to-get-better category, there is Grammarly.

Pros: With the free service you get punctuation, grammar, and contextual spell checker. This is a service built by linguists and it finds things the typical grammar/spellchecker of the Microsoft world does not. It also has add-ons so you can add this bad boy to Chrome, Outlook, and all Microsoft Office products. Yep, right now Grammarly is telling me if I’m getting this right.

Secondly, it shows you why the error is a mistake by providing a definition, examples, etc. This thing located a bunch of my bad habits with passive writing. One of the coolest features is the plagiarism checker (but that comes with the bad service)

Cons: There’s a free service and then a subscription service, kind of like Spotify. Except for the benefits, aren’t ad related. If you want all the advantages ‘you have to pay for it’ (bad line from an episode of Farscape). I went ahead and bit the built to pay for the service to try it out. So far, so good. I appreciate the product that I received. View the comparison between the paid and free services here.

Cost: Varies depending on if you want a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription.

This post will be the first of, what I hope are, many posts on different technologies (software, hardware, and all the in between) to help writers and readers on their journey’s. Of course, if I see something cool that’s a bit off the beaten path I’ll be happy to share.

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