Thursday Reads: Bang by Kendall Grey

This Thursday Reads is brought to you by Bang the fifth book in the Hard Rock Harlots series by Kendall Grey.

The Hard Rock Harlot series so far has been one of the filthiest erotic romance series I’ve read. With the fifth book, Grey stepped out of the box further and went total Lesbian Erotica. You read that right. There’s no HEA, which is something she readily admits to. My little secret, I finished the book and learned from the experience that no HEA is not for me. That doesn’t mean this book was bad, it meant I had to keep reminding myself this wasn’t my typical sandbox. No HEA and not the same kind of character growth… oh, wait – that’s official review stuff, so here we go.

Plot – for those wondering if this book relates at all to the Hard Rock Harlots series, it does. This story is about the manager of the rock group, Killer Buzz Float. In fact, this story kind of covers a timeline from before the first story all the way up to the fourth. The story is about how Jillian is trying to discover and unlock parts of herself. She figures out she’s way kinkier than she ever thought. A road of discovery tends to put a person in the path of assholes and there’s so difficult navigation as the assholes Jillian associates with on the kinky, personal level invade her professional life.

Characters – Jillian is a tough broad. I really enjoyed her, and at the same time wanted so much for her too. In ways, I’d say I have a love/hate relationship with the MC. Of course, I got to see plenty of characters from the earlier books in the Hard Rock Harlots series. From Rax to Jinx. All the favorites and all the ones I want to hit… I’m talking to you, Letty Dillinger.

Setting – It’s hotels, motels, kink parties, rock stages, and tour buses. Live the life of the want-to-be-rich with this story. There’s plenty of Southern charm with some stops in Atlanta and New Orleans. Grey does such an amazing job on characterization and getting lost in the character’s head that settings tend to be present, but not needed.

Finally, Grey still rocks my world as a female version of Chuck Wendig, in the fact she can spin similes and metaphors in ways I’d never contemplate. They make sense, too, which makes every single one a gem you should never give up. For fans of the series, this installment will light you on fire in all the good ways. For those searching for a romance story, I strongly suggest elsewhere. For new readers, get ready for a wild ride… Killer Buzz Float style.

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You want start somewhere with a happy ending? Then I should direct you to Strings, the first book in the series. This book is Letty’s story and it’s free right now on Amazon.

Here’s more about Bang.


Some people think touring with a bunch of hardcore rockers would be a dream come true.

It isn’t.

Most days, life on the bus is more like a nightmare made flesh. Stressful, tense, and claustrophobic as crap.

Keeping the band members from suffocating each other with pillows has been a full-time job since we first hit the road. One day I’m playing referee between longtime friends fighting over the drummer girl. The next I’m Mean Mommy Jillian hiding liquor bottles from the guitarist who splits his time between impromptu stomach pumps at the local emergency room and unscheduled overnight accommodations in the local police station’s drunk tank.

And don’t even get me started on the one whose name starts with “Letty Dillinger.” A hypersexual, walking special effect, she can be the best or the worst of them all, depending on which side of the bed the wet spot is on and whether she woke up on it.

I’m tired. I miss my best friend, the ex-husband who left me for a man. (It’s okay. Turns out I’m a lesbian and didn’t know it. Go figure.) I long for the touch of a woman who can take me away from the chaos whipping my life like an egg beater, if only for a little while. If the horny beast trapped inside this cage doesn’t get out soon, my job, my band, my reputation might not survive.

I don’t need love. I just need an orgasm. A really long, hard, knuckle-whitening, teeth-clenching, window-rattling, thigh-splitting climax.

Unfortunately, my employers–Letty especially–aren’t going to like where I’m going to get it.

Formerly published in draft form on Wattpad, BANG has been professionally edited and updated for retail sale. BANG is LGBTQ erotica that includes FF, MMF, FFF, BDSM, and may trigger sensitive readers. It is not a romance.


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