Thursday Reads: Counting On A Countess by Eva Leigh

Counting on a Countess by Eva Leigh

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Kudos for: Diversity in characters, challenging my beliefs about how heroes should act, and a surprising storyline/plot

The second in Leigh’s London Underground series is a triumph in bringing diversity to Victorian England. Add in a talented, sassy heroine and a hero who’s not intimidated by a woman who knows her business. Yes, he’s all male and not afraid if his woman shows him up, or in this case, she hoodwinks him.

This story kept me on my toes. Every time I thought I’d figured out what would happen next, whether character emotion or physical reaction, the author through a wrench in plans. A pleasant surprise since I’ve read a lot of Historical Romance novels and I enjoy finding one that shocks me. I became a quick fan of the heroine, Tamsin. She’s loyal, feisty, and determined to be responsible for the people of the town she grew up in. She’s not a simpering miss, but I quickly realized she was missing closeness and someone to take a little weight off her shoulders. Being responsible for a town and their welfare can do a lot to a woman.

The hero, Kit, he’s used to being a moving cog. Not quite needed, and since the war suffering a little. Kit reminded me a lot of my husband, a person with grand ideas, but no way to get them off the ground. An opportunity at an inheritance brings our hero and heroine together. Too bad, the will states that all the money is in Tamsin’s control, practically unheard of. This is where the conflict comes in, money will always cause more trouble than it’s worth, right?

I loved how the conflict played out, internally and externally. A marriage of convenience with some inconvenient factors. As for villains, the only antagonists were Tamsin’s horrible aunt and uncle. Kit truly saved the day, in the end, and he did so in a way that increased his heroine’s agency rather than diminishing it. I can’t recommend this story enough, and I’m eager to read the final book in the trilogy.

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