Thursday Reads: Do It List by Jillian Stone

This one *fans self* it did some things to me, and awoke some other things.

Heads up: I read like a writer. I’m always looking at what worked for me, what didn’t, AND I like to talk about all the things that worked.

Genre: Contemporary Erotica

Hero: Mr. Bradley Craig, is alpha, dominant, possessive, and knight-in-shining-armor material. Could not get enough of this alpha done right. He easily moves from simple sexy times to let’s-get-serious. How he does it, his frank language, and ability to heat up the bedroom worked for me on the right levels.

Heroine: Grace Taylor-Scott, she’s a snazzy dresser, independent and stands on her own in the business world. She’s definitely a woman breaking through glass ceilings and it’s perfect. She’s everything I’d want to be in another life, and I’ll admit to being extremely jealous of this gal’s curly locks. Of course I’m cursed with straight hair and we always want what we don’t have. Of course, like any realistic character she’s got her own demons and challenges, but they enhance who she is instead of taking away from it.

Plot: This starts out as the co-worker trope. I thought this would be enemies to lovers, but in fact it flips that trope on the head and starts out with a ton of heat right from the gate. Things get better from there. I’d be remiss if I didn’t say the following: the story stands on it’s own, but the author has more to come from Grace and Bradley. Also, there’s the lead up to a bit of a suspense plot towards the end.

Setting: New York, New York. It doesn’t get more ad agency world better then this. Set in the fast-paced marketing/boutique agency field there’s creative brainstorming, research elements, and some hot models involved.

Secondary Characters: There’s a slew of other co-workers that would line up perfectly for stories of their own. The evil witch who’s got some deep-seated issues. The second half of Grace’s creative duo, who secretly pines for the creative genius nicknamed Mobius.

Final Word: I really enjoyed this story. Loved the sexy times, how the sex itself enhanced the development of the story and played up to the areas that both characters need to grow in. The agency world worked for me as well, since I’ve a career in marketing and it was easy to pick up on the work bit, how it ties back to the characters is pretty awesome as well. As for additional books, I may read the next in the series, but as I said above this story gave me an HFN (Happy For Now). I can take that and run for the bank.

P.S. Kudos to Stone for bring me an interracial couple story. I loved it.

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