Thursday Reads: Rewritten by Bronwyn Green

“An emotional, kinky, fabulously romantic read that I want everyone to enjoy as much as I did!” – Landra Graf


It’s been a while and I’m happy to come back to Thursday Reads with this latest release from Bronwyn Green. Partnering with the fabulous Jessica Jarman, these two have created a series of erotic romances called Bound. I’ve had the pleasure of reading a couple in the past and am excited to wrap my grubby romance paws around them all at some point. *rubs paws together* So many books, so little time.

Rewritten particularly peaked my interested because it hit all my geek buttons. Kinky, sci-fi fantasy author, hero and his newly minted, submissive assistant– what’s not to love? And love is just the tip of this iceberg.

Characters – let’s start with Angus. Yes, *le sigh* the hero’s name is Angus. Did I mention he’s Scottish and when things get hot and heavy so does his accent? Hallelujah! He’s our writer/dominant/hero and he’s stuck trying to figure out to finish this book he’s been working on for 5 years. I wonder if the author was thinking of a certain fantasy author when she was coming up with this character? I like Angus because he’s rough around the edges, but sweet as dark chocolate with an ooey-gooey caramel center once you get to know him.  Major plus points for being a good dominant, great at reading people, and too nice to his reader fans for his own good.

Then there’s the assistant, Eliza. Oh, boy… this heroine has baggage, like over-the-weight-limit-paying-extra-type baggage. She’s a submissive who was done wrong by a dude, horribly wrong. This gal right here is responsible for the author’s trigger warning and as Eliza’s story was revealed my heart broke. This poor woman is in desperate need of someone to love her, to never abandon her, and to treat her well.

Finally, the villain. Oh, he’s straight up disgusting, devious, and not the least bit redeemable at all. It hits all my buttons for a good bad guy – an oxymoron of accurate proportions.

Settings – This book is a jet-setter. From London to LA to Scotland and New York. Readers get a little taste of it all. When you’re a famous author on the conference tour it’s bound to happen. Green does an excellent job of making the transitions seamless and grounds the reader through the adventure.

Plot/Pacing – I saved the best for last. The plot is simple enough, submissive assistant meets dominant author. Assistant doesn’t plan on any sexual hijinks, but the creative writing process and life are never fair. As the two become closer through work, and a few awkward situations place Eliza falling down a rabbit hole into the worst night of her life, the attraction and kinky preferences come to a head (pun intended). Except Angus isn’t a jerk and he woos Eliza, straight over the edge of the high cliff their attraction is poised on. It’s all done tastefully and orgasmically at the same time. I know, sounds impossible, but I was impressed at each sexual and romantic turn. Just when I thought there was no way the author could get those characters out of a problem she did. The escalation of the romance itself, and the villainous a-hole in the wings is paced extremely well and the ending never appeared rushed.

Overall, this is probably one of my favorite books so far for 2018 along with a small select few. If you’ve been looking for a new erotic romance series to get involved in, I highly recommend Bound.

Where Can I Buy It:  Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble ~ Kobo ~ iBooks

Official Blurb: 

Betrayed and completely exposed, she’d sworn off kink. Hell, she’d sworn off men. But she hadn’t counted on him…

One of the hottest voices in Sci-Fi, Angus Domhnull is renowned not just for his sweeping sagas, but for his stupidly gorgeous looks—and the fact that he’s taken almost five years to finish his latest novel. Now, assistant editor, Eliza Burrows, is stuck minding him, and his brooding nature is pushing every sexually submissive button she has. But even if Angus wasn’t her publisher’s star author, he’d be off-limits—after a painful betrayal, Eliza doesn’t play anymore, and she’s not about to start again with him.

Unable to deliver his long-awaited manuscript, Angus is saddled with a keeper—and her creative input—that he never asked for. Despite the resentment and animosity brewing between them, he finds himself drawn to Eliza. As he learns more about the intriguing woman behind the prickly facade, he falls for her, hard and deep.

When the attraction between them ignites, Eliza lets Angus bring her to one place she swore she’d never go again—her knees. He wants more than just her submission, but her past and the secrets she’s hidden could destroy everything…

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