Thursday Reads: The Spare and The Heir by Jenn LeBlanc

I received the pleasure of reading this book months ago, prior to release, and I can’t tell readers how this book is Thursdayimportant. If you’re wanting diversity of gender, orientation, race – then The Spare and The Heir is where you can’t go wrong. CAUTION: Readers there is another book you have to read before  you jump into this one and that’s The Trouble With Grace, a required prequel and worth it to experience the story in it’s entirety.

Now, back to my thoughts. Calder and Quinn, our romance leads take us on a journey involving boats, India, England, heartache, heart break, and renewed love. It’s M/M historical romance and LeBlanc does it so well. Add in Grace, a woman floating along the asexual spectrum, and things get deliciously naughty. I love authors who push my boundaries and my knowledge of reality and the world around me – so this book speaks to that part of me.

The descriptions, the character development, the unique environs, and historical setting of the book are king. Leblanc is a master at weaving a picture of deunnamed-1tail and emotion. You feel what you’re reading whether you want to or not. I couldn’t put this one down. Nope. I zoomed through it in 6 hours staying up past my bedtime and hiding in my bathroom from the family for just one more chapter on a Saturday.

What’s the book about? Well, a man (Quinn) is in love with another man (Calder) and he goes after him, to right wrongs and to make Calder realize that they can be together, there’s a way for them to be happy. If Quinn can’t be with him, then there will be no Quinn and in reality no Calder either. Grace is part of the plan for the two lovers to be together and she needs help/protection as well. There’s also an unforeseen enemy who will have an effect on future books in this series. Did I mention that this is book 5 in a series? Well, you can thank me later, but your check book won’t. Did I also mention that the links above are for the exclusive illustrated editions? Yes, Leblanc produces illustrated romance. She’s a photographer and a talented author. The cover to left is her own marvelous creation.

What else? If you live in California then you’re super close and can go to this marvelous next announcement.


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