Thursday Reads: The Trouble with Grace by Jenn Leblanc

ThursdayThis book and what it offers are more dear then a meal or growly stomach and I couldn’t put it down. I’ll say that a lot with Thursday Reads features because they are going to be books I like. I won’t lie at all about it. Most books I like I devour quickly.

Leblanc, I’ve been a fan since the early days of her Illustrated Romance career. Seems forever ago, when it’s only been a few years. She’s brought so much creativity and unique takes to Romancelandia. Outside of the books: I’ll say I admire her as an artist, and she’s the one I’ll hire when I have the big bucks for personal photo shoots for my future book covers. Her generosity, active drive to present unique characters that represent all races, genders, and orientations is equally inspirational. I can only open to be as courageous in my own writing and determined as she is.

Now the book, Grace/Celeste/Lady Alain is beautiful piece of this story. She identifies as an autochorissexual, a subset of asexual, and it was a little tough for me to wrap my head around the definition until I read the book. Celeste by far dominates the book and the majority of the story is how she gets saved and comes into her own. There is growth and character ARC’s in this story, and she does fall in love so I count this as a HFN.

04-grace-ibooksThe hero of this story, Quinn, has his own hero, Calder. There are definitely some M/M scenes and they are hot to trot (like steam out your ears HAWT)!  I’m not a huge reader of M/M romance, but I’m all in for these characters because I’d already invested in them from previous books. Even if I wasn’t the vivid descriptions, feelings, and inner thoughts of these characters engaged me immediately. It wasn’t hard to fall for them both and want the best – I can’t wait for their story.

On the settings, Leblanc always does her research and weaves it into the story. The time period, the places, the costumes, combined with a few well dropped real life factoids I got grounded immediately. I can totally believe in the time travel element part and still trust the author to give me realistic and well researched material. It’s a perfect blend of the past with some future thrown in, add a dash of romance and you have a recipe for amazing, unique historical’s.

Think Kearsley meets Reisz meets — nevermind, I was going to try to compare and I can’t because The Lords of Time series and Leblanc’s writing are incomparable in all the amazing ways.

Overall, if you like books that give you a historical with unique, non-cookie cutter characters with romance to swoon for give The Trouble With Grace a shot (the link goes to the author’s page for this story).

P.S. Don’t take my word for it. Check out these other reviews.

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