Thursday Reads: Wedding At Two Love Lane by Kieran Kramer

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Rating: 3.5 stars

Review:  The second book in the Two Love Lane series is all about the practical, mathematical, logical Greer. She’s part of the trio that run the matchmaking service, Two Love Lane, and she’s not known for taking risks or do anything crazy.

When her cohorts and their receptionist, Miss Thing, head to California to celebrate Miss Things birthday Greer stays behind to manage everyone’s clients. Being left alone, Greer finds herself getting into all sorts of crazy situations from bidding a ridiculous amount of money on the perfect wedding dress to running into her ex-boyfriend who is newly engaged. In the process of all these shenanigans, she meets Ford, an English artist/baron, in the states following a bad left at the alter experience.

Ford wants to paint Greer. Greer needs a partner in crime to help her win the wedding dress of her dreams. Welcome to the fake engagement of epic proportions. It helps a ton when both Ford and Greer are attracted to each other in a way they can’t control. They both find themselves entirely too smitten for their own good and that’s when all the trouble begins.

I really enjoyed this story. It offers a different take on the fake fiance trope. I also liked the low-angst aspect. There was plenty of conflict due to outside forces and internal conflicts kept Greer and Ford sufficiently challenged to navigate a relationship that was real.

Kramer does an amazing job of letting me get lost in the fantastic element of Charleston, SC. From the supporting story characters to the architecture, and finally the restaurants. Every little detail enhances the story and adds to environment perfect for falling in love. I can easily see the things to love about Charleston.

The few things that kept this rating from being higher, lack of diversity. Kramer shows readers a Charleston that’s mainly white and it would be nice to see some of the diversity represented within the city through the story. The abrupt ending. I won’t go into any details on how it was abrupt, but I felt like I was cheated out of a big finale. Now, I’ll admit that it could very well be the author chose to leave out the finale because for both characters, who they were and how far they came, leaving out this last bit made a little bit of sense. But, like those who go to a restaurant expecting good service, I wanted the big finish.

Overall, if you enjoy romances that are light on the heat, high on sexual tension, give you a small-town feel in the big city, then I say Two Love Lane is a series worth checking out.

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