Tuesday Spotlight: Moon Love by Hester St. Jean

Today’s Tuesday Spotlight shines down on Moon Love by Hester St. Jean. Part of Decadent Publishing Beyond Fairytales line and a paranormal erotic short story sure to require air conditioning before reading.


After being stuck on earth when the door to the realm of the gods and goddesses slams shut, Luna, Moon Goddess, indulges in sexual frolicking with neither care nor consequences.  Until the night she is abducted, forced to use her erotic skills to line the pockets of four friends.

She meets a beautiful young Mereling—a mortal man like her captors, but alluringly different—and for the first time in her very long life begins to understand the difference between lust and love. Her newfound ability to love Merelings gives her the capacity to feel grief and awakens not only her own compassion, but that of her abductors.

How will she deal with the inevitable? She is immortal, and they must each die? What happens when she follows them to the Underworld? And how does she get to where she lives today, shining her light on all lovers?

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Author Bio:

This is Hester St. Jean’s first foray into romance and erotica. She has taught drama and creative writing in K-12 schools in Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Washington. Her writing celebrates women and women’s experiences. She enjoys reading and gardening by day, contemplating the moon and stars by night.

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