What I’m Watching ~ Limitless

Thanks to the power of Netflix, I find myself catching up with shows I never had the chance to watch in the past.

The latest one, courtesy of my hubby, is Limitless. Let me preface by saying I’ve never seen the movie with Bradley Cooper, though hubs and I have added it to our list since starting the tv show.  I’ll mention we have a healthy love for all things sci-fi, speculative fiction related so no surprise this show caught our interest in the least.

Positives: effortless humor, lots of ties to 80s shows and movies, an appreciation for comedic effect, plenty of interesting cases and topics. Think of this as an alternative take of a police procedural. I’m not always a fan of those, and goodness knows there are many, but the something unique worked very well.

Negatives: there is only one season. Cue the sad music and the weeping. I get it, there’s a good chance because I am late to the game I’ll catch shows that weren’t given a chance to grow and shine. I’m fine with it. Another slight downside is continuity. Like all television shows sometimes details in one episode contradict another one. We’ve found a few inconsistencies, but nothing I can’t accept.

In the meantime, this has sparked a new hypothetical question in our household:

“If you were on NZT what would you do first?”



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