Writing Wednesday: Romance and Plotting

Writing WednesdayForgive me readers and friends, I’ve been a little absent as of late. I’ve been plotting up a storm and I’ve got lots of romance on the horizon. There’s some more of my Alternate History series, a contemporary series on the horizon, and my muse decided we weren’t done with erotic romance. With a ton of ideas brewing in this brain I’ll be busy for a bit.

Plotting is a lot like exercising a muscle and with each repetition the idea firms and tones itself. In that way I’ve been doing a lot of repetitions to get to the final pieces of several puzzles. From a story standpoint I’m excited about the direction my writing is taking.

I plan on stepping things up a notch. This book, Romancing the Beat by Gwen Hayes, I believe will get me there. It’s all about the romance and plotting said romance into a book so it’s a) believe able and b) interesting. Everyone I know is doing it, plus Gwen provides a handy dandy template to use in scrivener for those of us who are scrivener addicts *raises hand* .

While rules are made to be broken and stories don’t always follow a formula, knowing the rules and the formulas are half the battles. Here’s hoping and crossing fingers I nail this one out of the park because this year is already, almost halfway over and I’d love to get a few more things done between now and then.

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